Russia slams Georgian TV hoax as 'paranoia'.


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1Russia slams Georgian TV hoax as ` paranoia ' .
2Russia slammed as irresponsible and paranoid a faked Georgian television report of a Russian invasion , saying the broadcast had further heightened instability in the tense Caucasus region .
3`` The actions of Imedi -LRB- television channel -RRB- were irresponsible and immoral , '' foreign ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said in a statement , calling on the international community to condemn the broadcast .
4`` Political paranoia has never had a positive affect , '' he added .
5Nesterenko accused Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili of giving his go-ahead to the programme that sparked panic in the post-Soviet state after it aired Saturday night on Imedi showing Russian tanks headed for Tbilisi .
6`` The Georgian president has not hid his approval of the scandalous programme , whose scenario he dubbed as close to the reality as possible , '' the statement posted on the ministry 's website said .
7`` The provocative broadcast has had a negative effect on security and stability in the region , '' Nesterenko said .
8Saakashvili appeared Sunday to defend the broadcast , saying it was `` extremely close to what can happen and to what Georgia 's enemy has conceived . ''
9Imedi used footage taken from the August 2008 war that saw Russian forces pour into Georgia and bomb targets across the country .
10It said Saakashvili had been killed and some opposition leaders had sided with invading Russian forces .