China lashes out at US House resolution on Falungong.


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1China lashes out at US House resolution on Falungong .
2China on Thursday lashed out at a US House of Representatives resolution that urged Beijing to end its `` persecution '' of the outlawed Falungong spiritual group .
3`` The US House of Representatives passed a so-called resolution on Falungong which made groundless accusations and confuses right and wrong , '' foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters .
4`` China is firmly against such a resolution . ''
5The House voted nearly unanimously on Tuesday to call on China to free thousands of members of the movement who are said to be imprisoned and to abolish a government office tasked with fighting the Falungong .
6The resolution , which is not legally binding , asked China to `` immediately cease and desist from its campaign to persecute , intimidate , imprison and torture Falungong practitioners . ''
7Falungong -- loosely based on Buddhist , Taoist and Confucian philosophies -- enjoyed growing popularity among Chinese in the 1990s .
8China 's communist government banned the movement in 1999 and later branded it an `` evil cult '' after thousands of practitioners silently converged in Beijing to air their grievances , showing their organisational might .
9`` Falungong is an anti-human , anti-society and anti-science cult , '' Qin said .
10`` The Chinese government outlawed the cult according to law .
11We hope the US congressmen recognise the nature of the cult and stop interfering in China 's internal affairs . ''