BlackBerry says it will not let India monitor messages.


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1BlackBerry says it will not let India monitor messages .
2The maker of BlackBerry insisted on Wednesday it would not allow the Indian government to monitor encrypted emails but said it hoped for a rapid solution to recent concerns over national security .
3BlackBerry 's woes in India , one of its biggest markets , come as Saudi Arabia announced a suspension of BlackBerry operations starting Friday because security agencies can not monitor messages .
4The United Arab Emirates has also said it would halt BlackBerry email , messenger and other services from October on the same grounds .
5Canada-based Research in Motion -LRB- RIM -RRB- , maker of the smartphone , denied local media reports it would allow Indian intelligence agencies to read BlackBerry messages to satisfy government security concerns of the government .
6`` We look forward to a solution -LRB- with the Indian government -RRB- , nobody likes to be in such a situation , a solution should be feasible , '' RIM spokesman Satchit Gayakwad told AFP .
7`` But there can be no compromise on security for our customers ' communications . ''
8India , battling insurgencies from Muslim-majority Kashmir to the far-flung northeast and mounting Maoist unrest , is highly sensitive about potential risks of new technology .
9It has raised fears BlackBerry services could be used by militants to communicate .
10A telecom ministry spokesman in India said efforts to resolve the security concerns involving BlackBerry , which has around one million customers in India , were `` ongoing . ''
11The Economic Times on Wednesday quoted an unnamed security agency official as saying India , the world 's fastest growing cellular market , would close BlackBerry services that can not be monitored .
12The RIM spokesman said BlackBerry had held discussions with India 's Department of Telecommunications on the dispute but gave no details .
13India has demanded encryption details to track BlackBerry services but the Canadian company says even it can not read the encrypted information .
14`` We feel there can be a highly secure solution which satisfies the needs of government without compromising BlackBerry 's security standards , '' Gayakwad said .
15`` If it is corporate data they need , there might be other ways they could do it -LRB- get access -RRB- , and we need not decrypt ourselves , '' he said .