Slovenia 'disappointed' at EU ambassadors' nomination.


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1Slovenia ` disappointed ' at EU ambassadors ' nomination .
2Slovenia expressed `` deep disappointment '' on Wednesday , after EU foreign policy supremo Catherine Ashton failed to nominate any Slovenian in her first batch of EU ambassadorial appointments .
3`` We are deeply disappointed , '' Slovenian Foreign Minister Samuel Zbogar said in a first reaction .
4`` We expected more transparent decisions and that geographic balance would be taken into account , in particular for those states , like Slovenia , which have no presence at all in the EU 's foreign institutions , '' Zbogar told journalists .
5He added it was `` not clear '' why Ashton had not selected `` at least one of the excellent candidates '' Slovenia had proposed .
6Ashton on Wednesday named the EU 's first 29 ambassadorial postings , with big nations such as France , Germany and Spain cornering some of the top jobs .
7Slovenia , which joined the EU in 2004 and is one of the bloc 's smallest members , put forward candidates for the ambassadorial posts in Albania and Macedonia , which ultimately went to Italy and Denmark respectively .
8Zbogar insisted that Ashton 's announcement showed `` too little political understanding for the interests of smaller newer member countries '' and did not bode well for the future common diplomatic service .
9`` This first appointment represents a missed chance , '' he said .
10`` We hope that in future opportunities , the high representative -LRB- Ashton -RRB- will take into account the geographic balance as she promised to do , '' he added .