Brazilian film about Lula to vie for Oscars: government.


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1Brazilian film about Lula to vie for Oscars : government .
2A movie tracing the life of Brazil 's popular President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been entered into the race for best foreign-language film nominations at the 2011 Oscars , the Brazilian government said Thursday .
3`` Lula , the Son of Brazil '' will be among 95 titles from around the world competing to be chosen for the shortlist at the US Academy Awards ceremony on February 27 , the culture ministry said .
4The list of Oscar nominations will be known January 25 .
5`` We voted for the film that seemed best-made to us , that highlights Brazilian filmmaking , '' the head of the Brazilian Film Academy , Roberto Farias , said in a statement .
6`` Our position has nothing to do with politics .
7Lula is a star here and abroad , '' he said .
8The movie recounts the early life and adulthood of Lula , a one-time shoe-shine boy and metalworker who became an influential trade union leader before becoming Brazil 's president in 2003 .
9Last year 's foreign-language winner at the Oscars was an Argentine movie , `` The Secret in Their Eyes . ''