Swiss should join EU within next decade: ex-commissioner.


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1Swiss should join EU within next decade : ex-commissioner .
2Former European Union external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner appealed on Sunday for Switzerland to join the 27-member bloc within the next decade .
3`` I hope that Switzerland could become part of the EU within the next 10 years , '' Ferrero-Waldner , a former Austrian foreign minister , told the German language Sonntag newspaper .
4`` I think it would be a good move . ''
5Ferrero-Waldner said even if Switzerland did not join the EU , it should at least pin down a `` framework accord '' with the EU , whose countries completely surround the country .
6EU officials have expressed frustration with Switzerland 's quest to expand on separate agreements such as free movement of labour , education , border policing and transport , which give it similar economic advantages to member states without assuming the political commitment of membership and joint decision - making .
7Fiercely independent Swiss voters have repeatedly rejected closer political ties and membership of the European Union , although the issue is highly divisive .