Australia 'gravely concerned' by North Korean attack.


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1Australia ` gravely concerned ' by North Korean attack .
2Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Tuesday said she had `` grave concern '' over the deadly shelling by North Korea of a South Korean island in one of the worst cross-border incidents in 60 years .
3In a statement , Gillard called for calm on the Korean peninsula , while her foreign minister , former prime minister Kevin Rudd , pledged support for Seoul in its response .
4`` The prime minister expressed her grave concern at this dangerous provocation by North Korea , '' a spokeswoman for Gillard said .
5`` Australia condemns this action and urges restraint . ''
6Rudd said the shelling was destabilising for the entire Asia-Pacific region .
7`` And this region is our region , Australia 's as well , '' he told reporters .
8`` This is disturbing .
9Remember this is a highly fragile security environment and we 've got to be very , very careful about ensuring that none of these incidents trigger something much worse . ''
10Rudd said he had held talks with his Japanese counterpart , Seiji Maehara , who was in Canberra on Tuesday , and said Australia would support South Korea 's response to the attack .