US plans diplomatic shake-up after WikiLeaks: report.


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1US plans diplomatic shake-up after WikiLeaks : report .
2The United States is planning a major reshuffle of diplomats , military officers and intelligence operatives who have been compromised by the WikiLeaks scandal , a report said Sunday .
3US news website The Daily Beast wrote that the WikiLeaks disclosures may have made it `` dangerous '' if not impossible for those found to have been strongly critical of corrupt or incompetent governments to do their job .
4`` We 're going to have to pull out some of our best people ... because they dared to report back the truth about the nations in which they serve , '' a senior US national-security official told the website .
5Planning is in its infancy but the State Department , the Pentagon , and the CIA are working on the assumption they will be changing personnel at several US embassies and consultations in the coming months , the report said .
6Asked by AFP to comment on reports of a shake-up , State Department spokeswoman Leslie Phillips said : `` We would if we needed to , '' without elaborating further .
7WikiLeaks threw US diplomacy into chaos one week ago when it started releasing more than 250,000 classified State Department cables .