Football: Maradona threatens legal action against Grondona.


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1Football : Maradona threatens legal action against Grondona .
2Diego Maradona threatened legal action against Argentine football association president Julio Grondona on Friday as their bitter post-World Cup war of words took another dramatic twist .
3`` I am not going to go on about Grondona .
4I am going directly to see my lawyers to start an action after all he has said .
5He has lost control , '' Maradona told the Clarin newspaper .
6Maradona and Grondona have been at loggerheads since the Argentine football legend was deposed as coach following the team 's 4-0 defeat to Germany at the World Cup quarter-finals .
7On Thursday , the 79-year-old Grondona hit back at Maradona for describing him as `` senile '' .
8`` I am not senile , I am not an informer and I never will be , '' said the federation chief .
9`` One day he -LRB- Maradona -RRB- loves you , the next he hates you .
10There are reasons for this , we all know what they are , '' added Grondona , alluding to Maradona 's long - time battle with drugs .
11Maradona insisted on Friday that he is now free of drug and alcohol problems .
12`` I have n't taken anything for six years , not even a glass of wine . ''