Wade says he ' ll stay if Heat a title contender.


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1Wade says he ' ll stay if Heat a title contender .
2Dwyane Wade will remain in Miami on one condition : He wants the Heat to become a championship contender again .
3The reigning NBA scoring champion , who can opt out of his Heat contract after the 2009-10 season , said Monday that simply getting to the playoffs `` is not enough '' to satisfy him anymore , and that his long-term commitment to Miami hinges entirely on the franchise getting back into the mix for the title trophy he hoisted just three years ago .
4`` I 'm going to listen .
5I owe the Miami Heat that much .
6I 'm going to listen to what they have to say and I 'm going to think about it , '' Wade told The Associated Press .
7`` But right now , the way I feel , I want to make sure that we 're on track to where I want us to be on track to before I sign back . ''
8Wade made clear that he would like to stay with the Heat , reiterating something he 's said countless times in recent months .
9There 's no acrimony between the 2006 NBA finals MVP and Heat president Pat Riley either , and Wade said that the jump Miami made this past season -- from 15 wins and the league 's worst record in 2007-08 , to 43 wins and the No. 5 seed in the East in 2008-09 -- was thrilling .
10`` I 'm good with that , '' Wade said , `` for one year . ''
11Another season around .500 , though , wo n't be as enticing .
12`` That 's not enough for me , '' said Wade , who set career-bests last season in scoring average -LRB- 30.2 per game -RRB- , 3-pointers -LRB- 88 , three more than his total from his first five NBA seasons combined -RRB- , steals -LRB- 2.2 per game -RRB- , blocks -LRB- 1.3 per game -RRB- and games played -LRB- 79 -RRB- .
13At 27 , he feels like he 's just entering his prime -- and does n't want to miss any opportunity for more titles .
14`` I 've told coach Riley this : All my life , all I 've ever wanted to do is win and be put in a position where I can win and succeed , '' Wade said .
15`` Build me a team .