Car bomb in Spain destroys police barracks.


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1Car bomb in Spain destroys police barracks .
2A powerful car bomb destroyed a police barracks housing officers and their families in northern Spain on Wednesday , injuring about 60 people and causing major damage in the surrounding area .
3The attack was blamed on the Basque separatist group ETA .
4ETA did not phone in a warning as it typically does before most attacks , so authorities had no time to evacuate the 14-story building in Burgos , police said .
5There were around 120 people in the barracks and surrounding buildings , a third of them children , when the explosion went off at 4 a.m. -LRB- 0200 GMT , 10 p.m. EDT Tuesday -RRB- .
6Most of the injuries were from flying glass , and 38 of the wounded were treated in a hospital , the Interior Ministry said .
7Officials expressed surprise no one was killed in the blast , which blew off much of the barracks ' facade .
8Nearby residential dwellings had their windows and some walls blown in by the force of the explosion .
9The bomb left a crater that filled with water from broken underground pipes and hurled the van that carried it about 230 feet -LRB- 70 meters -RRB- away .
10ETA has killed more than 825 people since it launched a campaign in 1968 for an independent homeland in Basque region of northern Spain .
11Burgos , a regional capital , contains a historic city center and major tourist attractions in a province bordering the Basque region .
12It was ETA 's eighth attack this year , further proof the militant group is still an active force despite major police crackdowns in Spain and France .
13Spain 's government claims after each ETA arrest , including those of many leaders , that the group has been decapitated , but the attacks have continued .
14Members of Spain 's paramilitary Civil Guard police force often live in barracks with their spouses and children .
15The force is chiefly in charge of policing rural areas and guarding official buildings .