Iran opposition leader recognizes Ahmadinejad.


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1Iran opposition leader recognizes Ahmadinejad .
2The son of a top Iranian opposition leader says his father now recognizes Iran 's president as the head of the government , while still maintaining that his June re-election was fraudulent .
3Mahdi Karroubi 's son Hossein said Monday that his father now recognizes President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad despite the fraud in the election .
4Karroubi 's new position is a major retreat from his earlier fiery denunciations of Ahmadinejad 's government as illegitimate .
5The move could signal an attempt to reach a settlement with the clerics within the ruling system .
6He has refrained from describing Ahmadinejad as `` president , '' however , in order not to give full legitimacy .
7The opposition says at least 80 protesters have been killed in the postelection turmoil .