`Alan Wake ' inspired by Stephen King, David Lynch.


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1` Alan Wake ' inspired by Stephen King , David Lynch .
2Ask most video-game designers about their inspirations and they will mention other games .
3But Sam Lake , the lead writer of Microsoft 's `` Alan Wake , '' drew more from books , especially Stephen King 's .
4`` The setup of the game -- a best-selling but troubled writer whose dark work of fiction starts to come true , blurring the line of nightmares and reality -- is a very Stephen King type of a starting point for a story , so King 's works were definitely a source of inspiration for us , '' says Lake , whose script name-checks the horror master right at the start .
5But King is not the only author on Lake 's shelf .
6He also cites Paul Auster 's `` The Book of Illusions , '' Bret Easton Ellis ' `` Lunar Park '' and Mark Z. Danielewski 's `` House of Leaves , '' all of which tackle questions of reality vs. illusion .
7The setting for `` Alan Wake , '' a quirky small town in the Pacific Northwest , will remind many players of `` Twin Peaks , '' and Lake welcomes the comparison , praising `` the creepy atmosphere and the humor to balance that out '' in David Lynch 's landmark TV series .
8Lake says he and the other developers at the Remedy Entertainment studio also are big fans of `` Lost '' : `` It 's a very good showcase of thriller pacing done right within a TV-series context . ''
9Indeed , `` Alan Wake '' has the feeling of a TV drama : It is divided into `` episodes , '' each beginning with a `` Previously on ` Alan Wake ' '' recap .
10And Lake is hoping the `` series '' gets renewed .
11The team at Remedy is working on downloadable content for the game , which Lake sees `` almost as a special feature of a TV series , something that builds a bridge between one season and the next , or in this case , the first game and the potential sequel . ''
12`` If the players like the game and want more , we 'd certainly like to do more , '' Lake says .
13`` From the very beginning we have planned ` Alan Wake ' to be something bigger than just one game . ''
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