Deeply Polarized Iran Heads to the Polls.


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1Deeply Polarized Iran Heads to the Polls .
2A long column of provincial , working-class Iranians , clad in black and walking on flip-flops , streamed into a highway underpass , heading for a reelection rally for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .
3Standing on a high ledge safely out of the way , a group of cosmopolitan youths looked down at the crowd of mostly out-of-towners .
4`` Go back to the zoo ! ''
5shouted a teenager with gelled-up hair and a green T-shirt , a sign of support for Ahmadinejad 's main challenger , Mir Hossein Mousavi .
6`` Sissies ! ''
7the marchers yelled back .
8As Iranians go to the polls Friday to choose a president , the country is more deeply polarized than at any time since the Islamic revolution that overthrew the shah 30 years ago .
9After a bitter campaign that included personal attacks on some of Iran 's leading families , both sides are preparing to contest the results , and many Iranians wonder whether the social and economic rifts exposed by the election will deepen .
10`` Some people think that only they are Iran , '' said Saeed Majidi , who had driven for hours on his 125cc motorcycle to hear Ahmadinejad speak at Tehran 's Grand Mosque .
11`` But those with jobs and money only represent 30 percent of the population . ''
12`` We are Iran , '' Majidi concluded , pointing at the crowd pouring into the tunnel , a sea of women with sunburned faces and bearded men with black horn-rimmed glasses .
13`` Other presidents never cared for us .
14Ahmadinejad does . ''
15Though he holds many of the levers of power , Ahmadinejad is proud of his status as an outsider .