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2Other militias told on Hutaree FBI is told group is ` kind of creepy ' By Mike Wilkinson The Detroit News Long before they were charged with trying to start an anti-government war , members of the Hutaree militia group made enemies among a group they may have considered allies : the local militias with whom they occasionally trained .
3Instead of being brothers-in-arms , those other groups became deeply suspicious of the religious and violence - tinged rhetoric of the Hutaree and warned the FBI about the group in late 2008 .
4Two members of the Southern Michigan Volunteer Militia said this week they provided the FBI with information on the Hutaree , identifying them as `` kind of creepy '' and considering them a threat that the FBI should keep an eye on .
5A federal grand jury indictment unsealed March 29 alleges David Stone Sr. of Clayton in Lenawee County and eight followers belong to a radical militia called the Hutaree plotted to kill police officers and wage war against the U.S. government .
6Charges include seditious conspiracy and attempted use of weapons of mass destruction .
7`` I saw them as damaging our organization in particular and the movement as a whole , '' said Mike Lackomar , a spokesman for the Southern Michigan Volunteer Militia .
8Others sent e-mails to the FBI about the group .
9And ultimately one militia member was so concerned he joined the Hutaree to see what they were about .
10That man is now considered a `` cooperating witness '' in the case .
11The revelations may surprise those who view militia members as a singular , tight-knit group that rallies around gun rights and anti-government attitudes .
12But to the Southeast Michigan Militia , an umbrella group that represents hundreds of members , the Hutaree was different to a fault .
13No one in the southeast group advocated killing police officers as a way of sparking a revolution designed to protect the work of Jesus , they said .
14`` That 's just rotten and wrong , '' said Lee Miracle , coordinator for the Southeast Michigan Militia .
15`` What part of that is supporting the Constitution ? ''