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2Sharron Angle leaned across a table in her campaign office here , defending her suddenly embattled campaign to defeat Sen. Harry Reid , the Democratic majority leader , under the gaze of a half-dozen advisers and an official videographer packed into the room .
3`` We always have known that this was going to be a close race , '' Angle said in a rare interview .
4`` Senator Reid has never just given up the fight , you know ?
5He has always been a tough opponent . ''
6But after a year in which Reid has been at the top of every list of endangered Democrats -- there is no one Republicans would like more to unseat -- Reid sees a lifeline in Angle , a former state assemblywoman who , with the backing of the Tea Party , overcame a field of establishment Republicans to win the party 's nomination .
7Since Angle won , her campaign has been rocked by a series of politically intemperate remarks and awkward efforts to retreat from hard-line positions she has embraced in the past , like phasing out Social Security .
8There has also been a staff shakeup and run-ins with Nevada journalists .
9Republicans in this state are concerned that what had once seemed a relatively easily victory is suddenly in doubt , with signs that Angle 's campaign is scrambling to regroup .
10Angle 's primary victory was a testimony to the power of the Tea Party .
11And if she wins in November , it will have huge national implications : A Tea Party candidate will have taken down the most powerful member of the Senate and a close ally and friend of President Barack Obama .
12But some of her conservative positions could prove a hurdle come November .
13She has , for example , called for the elimination of the Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency , denounced the BP compensation fund for victims of the oil spill as a slush fund , and suggested that her candidacy was a mission for God .
14In recent days , there have been a number of events that suggest Angle is trying to change the way she is doing things .
15The interview itself was a break from past practice , and after that , she took a few questions from reporters at a brief news conference .