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2` Still Here ' should take a hike -- it 's a bore By Tom Long Detroit News Film Critic It does n't really matter whether Joaquin Phoenix is playing a role or being himself in the perhaps-faux documentary `` I 'm Still Here . ''
3Either way his character is obnoxious and the film is mostly a bore .
4Phoenix -LRB- `` Gladiator , '' '' Walk the Line '' -RRB- announced a few years back that he was quitting acting to become a hip-hop musician .
5Then he famously showed up on `` Late Night with David Letterman '' sporting a long beard and hair and acting semi-comatose .
6When news leaked that Casey Affleck , Phoenix 's brother-in-law , was shooting a film documenting Phoenix 's transformation , rumors began swirling that the whole thing was a put-on .
7That seems to be the truth , since both Affleck and Phoenix take writing credits on `` I 'm Still Here . ''
8Beyond that , it 's hard to conceive of anyone releasing a real self-portrait this negative .
9Phoenix is seen cavorting with prostitutes , viciously berating assistants , taking copious amounts of drugs and rambling incoherently .
10In fact , he rarely rambles coherently , and most of what he says makes him sound like a spoiled , arrogant jerk .
11Of course , this is probably just the character ; but who wants to watch a spoiled , arrogant jerk even if it is just a character ?
12If the entire enterprise is supposed to say something about the American preoccupation with celebrity or the decadence of show business brats , well , those already overdone subjects have been covered better elsewhere .
13And by the way , if Phoenix is actually retiring from acting for a music career , he 's bound for disaster .
14The guy has no discernable talent and he 's terrible on stage .
15But chances are the joke is on us .