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2San Francisco -- During the spring of 2009 , Zynga developers logged long hours in their aging offices in San Francisco 's Potrero Hill , furiously coding a new game that would cement the young company 's lead in the nascent social gaming space .
3FarmVille offered players a pastoral respite from daily stresses , a chance to plant seeds , harvest crops and raise barns with friends .
4Zynga beefed up its technology to support as many as 100,000 daily players .
5But within days of FarmVille 's June launch , the number topped 1 million , forcing engineers into a mad scramble to fix software and add servers .
6`` We had jumped on this rocket ship and were just trying to keep it from blowing up in our faces , '' said Luke Rajlich , chief technology officer of FarmVille .
7That 's life at Zynga speed .
8The company appears to be the fastest growing business in San Francisco , and ranks among the most rapidly expanding Internet companies in the world .
9Zynga tapped into a huge market of people who like to play games by providing new outlets on social networks like Facebook .
10And it found that many would pay real money for virtual goods that enhanced their experience or accelerated their progress .
11`` We had a fundamental belief that , if people found games at their fingertips , if you really reduced the barriers to entry to games and you made them social , then a much larger group would engage , '' said Mark Pincus , 44 , who founded Zynga in January 2007 .
12He was indisputably farsighted in recognizing the opportunity , and has been rewarded with a company that could pull down a half billion in revenue in its fourth year .
13There 's rampant speculation the company will go public , an event that would propel Pincus into the leagues of the region 's superrich .
14But the conspicuous success of Zynga Game Network Inc. has also engendered scrutiny and lawsuits , as some questioned the business practices that secured its early lead in the sector .
15Social gaming is a scorching industry .