This Wall Street Enforcer Shoots Blanks.


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1This Wall Street Enforcer Shoots Blanks .
2Pop quiz : Name the person who does n't belong in the category of Tough Lady Sheriffs Who Scare the Bejesus Out of Wall Street .
31 -RRB- Mary Schapiro , chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission .
42 -RRB- Sheila Bair , chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 3 -RRB- Elizabeth Warren , chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel on the Troubled Asset Relief Program .
5If you did n't choose No. 1 , you 've got a short memory .
6Schapiro , the nation 's top securities regulator , is getting lumped together with women known for cleaning up Dodge .
7Her record , though , includes overseeing an agency where brokers were embraced as part of the regulatory team and aggrieved investors were corralled into a private , back-room justice system .
8Time magazine cheered Schapiro , Bair and Warren on its May 24 cover as `` The New Sheriffs of Wall Street . ''
9You 'll get no argument from me that women increasingly are demanding and getting clout to mop up the mess left behind by financial fraudsters or lazy regulators .
10Bair spoke her mind about banks ' bad policies even before the financial crisis , without regard to whose custom wing-tipped toes she might step on .
11Warren had the audacity to suggest that consumers , of all people , have a right to be protected from financial institutions that try to fleece them .
12But Schapiro ?
13There 's no doubt she cast the deciding vote that allowed the SEC to file its much-debated lawsuit April 16 against Goldman Sachs .
14And since she became chairman in January 2009 , the SEC has revamped its enforcement division and trained its examiners to spot frauds like that little Madoff case they missed .
15It 's also worth noting that Schapiro has for years appointed other women to senior positions , an enlightened policy that more females at the top should adopt .