Woman Wall Street Hates Most Is Right for the Job.


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1Woman Wall Street Hates Most Is Right for the Job .
2Seventy-five years ago this month , a Lockheed Orion Explorer airplane crashed in Point Barrow , Alaska .
3The one passenger , a rugged man originally from Oklahoma Indian Territory , died on impact along with the pilot .
4The dead passenger had stalked Washington insiders for decades and those who had been in his sights breathed a sigh of relief .
5But the rest of the nation mourned Will Rogers .
6Now another plain-spoken Oklahoman , this time a 61-year-old grandmother named Elizabeth Warren , is chasing some Washington special-interest folks up hill and down dale simply by standing up for consumers and politely saying out loud what ordinary Americans are thinking .
7Before some in the financial industry and their capital cohorts continue their attacks on Warren , they would be well advised to consider some of Will Rogers ' sage advice that has stood the test of time : Lettin ' the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin ' it back in .
8Earlier this month , an industry lobbyist said Warren could n't manage the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in a fair and balanced way because she wants to protect ordinary Americans from bad financial products .
9In other words : Anyone who has been involved in consumer protection should be disqualified from heading an agency that was created to provide protection to consumers .
10Go figure .
11In recent years , most people appointed as federal financial-industry regulators have either been lobbyists or have come from inside the industry .
12So it 's not surprising that many Americans are fed up and furious about the revolving door between industry and federal agencies .
13If industry is going to fight the appointment of regulators simply because they have a background in consumer advocacy , it is high time for a full public airing of the qualifications and industry ties of appointees over the last decade and the results -- preferably through the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission .
14Do industry leaders really want this cat out of the bag ?
15There is nothing in Warren 's long academic and public - service record that indicates any unwillingness to consider all sides of a question .