Roundup: Video sparks new Ecuador-Colombia row.


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1Roundup : Video sparks new Ecuador-Colombia row .
2Ties between Ecuador and Colombia have been further strained with the emergence of a video accusing Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa of having a financial link with the largest Colombian guerilla group .
3The video , which was provided by the Colombian government , showed that `` Mono Jojoy , '' an alias for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -LRB- FARC -RRB- leader Jorge Briceno , had offered money toward Correa 's 2006 election campaign .
4The video has triggered new conflict between the two neighbors which were on the verge of a war when Colombia crossed the border in March last year to crack down on FARC rebels .
5Denying the accusation , Ecuadorian Vice President Lenin Moreno on Monday described the video as `` edited , '' suggesting that it must have been made in the neighboring country `` as we are used to the behavior of the Colombian government . ''
6`` It is very difficult for the FARC , a clandestine group , to record such an act on film with such perfection .
7It is a film out of Hollywood , '' Moreno said .
8He said the accusation was well planned , and `` such accusations are made from time to time . ''
9Correa said such accusations are `` faked '' and are `` attacks from conservative groups in the continent . ''
10`` They want to take me to the International Penal Court for being a terrorist in order to mask the true terrorists , the drug trafficking-politicians and the para-politicians , '' Correa said .
11He proposed that he and his Colombian counterpart Alvaro Uribe both go before the International Penal Court to face questions about ties to the FARC , and drug-trafficking .
12Correa said he was also willing to take a lie-detector test .
13Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Fander Falconi , said the declarations in the video `` come from a leader of a rebel group , and this leader has made many declarations against the Colombian government . ''
14Falconi said that if the FARC 's accusations against the Colombian authorities have not been taken seriously , then what FARC says about Ecuador `` should also not be taken seriously . ''
15`` We have been absolutely straight and clear : the government does not have any kind of relations with any irregular group .