Laotian president vows to boost cooperation with China's Yunnan.


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1Laotian president vows to boost cooperation with China 's Yunnan .
2Laos would promote cooperation with China 's Yunnan Province to intensify the relations between the two sides , Laotian President Choummaly Saygnasone said Monday .
3The northern provinces of Laos were `` confident '' of the prospects of the cooperation with Yunnan , said Choummaly when he met Bai Enpei , secretary of the Communist Party of China Yunnan Provincial Committee in Kunming , capital of the southwest province .
4Yunnan shares a border with Laos in the south , and it is also the only province of China that borders Laos .
5The cooperation between northern Laos and Yunnan had begun to function in recent years , thanks to convenient communication , Choummaly said .
6`` The friendship of cooperation between Laos and Yunnan is certain to be consolidated , with joint efforts of the two sides , '' he said .
7Choummaly , also secretary general of the Lao People 's Revolutionary Party Central Committee , added Laos and China enjoyed comprehensive development in cooperation in recent years .
8Bai said Yunnan would like to further cooperation and exchanges with Laos , based on the existing achievements .
9`` Cooperation between Yunnan and Laos is undergoing sound development , '' he said .
10The two sides established a Yunnan-Northern Laos cooperation mechanism in 2004 , which was aimed at improving the trade environment , according to the Foreign Affairs Office of the Yunnan provincial government .
11During the stay in Yunnan , Choummaly also visited an aluminum company and a southwestern tourist resort in Tengchong county .
12Choummaly , who was on a working visit to China , will conclude the tour on Sept. 13 .