China an example for third world: Cuban media.


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1China an example for third world : Cuban media .
2The Cuban government has hailed China 's development over the past 60 years as an example and hope for the third world .
3`` China is an example ... No other country has lifted so many people out of poverty .
4This is something of which the Chinese people and government should be proud , and which the rest of the world admires , '' official daily Granma said on Friday .
5Granma , the Communist Party of Cuba newspaper , recalled the speech of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro that China was a promising hope for Third World countries .
6`` The West can not disavow the reality , '' Granma said .
7The daily referred to the book `` China 's Path : the Scientific Outlook on Development '' by Chinese Professor Tian Yingkui , who said China had entered a period of accelerated development in industrialization , urbanization , informatics , marketing and internationalization .
8During its economic and social development , China continued to emancipate and develop more productive forces , and improve those aspects that do not fit the development of the productive forces , Granma quoted Tian as saying in the book .