Fatah supports Abbas decision not to resume peace negotiations.


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1Fatah supports Abbas decision not to resume peace negotiations .
2The Central Committee of the Palestinian Fatah party said Sunday it supports Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ' refusal to resume negotiations with Israel until the Jewish state stops settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories .
3The Central Committee said in a statement that Abbas ' rejection to resume peace talks with Israel has met the expectations of the national and factional sectors that there should be `` clear basis for resuming the peace process . ''
4The highest decision-making body of Abbas ' Fatah party stressed that the negotiations `` are pointless as long as Israel continues to construct settlements without submitting itself to the international resolutions . ''
5On Saturday , U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked Abbas to drop his condition of not to resume the peace talks with Israel unless it freezes settlement building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem .
6For the Palestinians , the settlements grab the land they hope to have their future statehood on .