Ban on Chinese investment contrary to Australian interest: Deputy PM.


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1Ban on Chinese investment contrary to Australian interest : Deputy PM .
2Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Monday said the opposition 's calls for a ban on Chinese investment in Australia are irresponsible and contrary to the national interest .
3National 's senator and opposition finance spokesman Barnaby Joyce last week warned against Chinese state-owned companies investing in the Australian resources sector .
4Gillard spoke to reporters after meeting with the Chinese secretary of Jiangsu Province , Liang Baohua , in Melbourne .
5She said Joyce 's views threatened to cut Australia off from the rest of the world and make it less economically sound .
6`` They are erratic and irresponsible comments that are contrary to this nation 's national interest .
7`` Our vision of this country is for it to be a prosperous country , engaged with the world , to do that you need to trade with the rest of the world , '' Gillard told reporters .
8Joyce backed away from his comments on Monday , but Gillard said the damage had already been done ; suggesting Joyce needed to take responsibility for his actions .
9`` If you want to be a national leader , particularly in an economic portfolio , then you have to accept the responsibility that your statements matter , that other countries listen to your statements ... that what you say today , can impact on the living standards of Australians tomorrow , '' she said .