Indonesian president understands Obama's Indonesia visit delay: official.


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1Indonesian president understands Obama 's Indonesia visit delay : official .
2Spokesperson of Indonesian president said Monday that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono appreciated the delay of U.S. President Barrack Obama 's visit to Indonesia due to the unsettled discussion on healthcare bill at home , the reported .
3`` The president totally understands political situation in the United States which is now focused on the new healthcare bill that President Obama is trying to endorse , '' spokesperson Dino Pati Djalal said .
4Apart from the delay of President Obama 's visit to Indonesia , Dino said that President Yudhoyono was very much appreciating Obama 's willingness to perform his promise to visit Indonesia amid his tight working schedule .
5Dino added that Indonesian president also understands on Obama ' s decision for not bringing along the first lady , Michelle Obama , and his two daughters during the trip to Indonesia .
6`` We are actually hoping that he -LRB- Obama -RRB- will bring along his family in the Indonesian visit .
7We understand and totally appreciate on such a decision , '' Dino said .
8President Obama spent four years of his childhood in 1960s in Indonesia 's capital city of Jakarta under the custody of his mother , Ann Dunham , who married to an Indonesian .
9Dino added that Indonesia is well-prepared to welcome Obama 's visit to Jakarta .
10He said that part of U.S. officials had already came to Indonesia prior to Obama 's visit .
11Obama was initially scheduled to visit Indonesia from March 20 to 22 .
12But his departure from the U.S. was delayed to March 21 from the initial schedule on March 18 .