Malaysian Muslims protest against Swedish newspapers' reprinting caricature of Prophet.


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1Malaysian Muslims protest against Swedish newspapers ' reprinting caricature of Prophet .
2Hundreds of Malaysian Muslims held a protest here on Friday afternoon to protest against three Swedish newspapers reprinting caricature of Prophet Muhammad in early March .
3The protest , organized by the Central Youth Council of Malaysian Islamic Party -LRB- PAS -RRB- , started at around 2 p.m. in front of the Swedish Embassy in the downtown of Kuala Lumpur and attracted some three hundred participants .
4Participants were holding slogans saying `` We fight for our Prophet '' and `` Do n't insult our Prophet Muhammad '' and shouted aloud to express their anger and dissatisfaction .
5They also ignited a Swedish national flag at the end of the protest .
6The caricature , drawn by Swedish artist Vilks , was firstly printed by a Swedish newspaper in 2007 with an editorial defending freedom of expression .
7It was reprinted on March 10 .
8In a memorandum submitted to the Swedish Embassy Friday afternoon , the protesters demanded the Swedish government to take stern action against the three newspapers , saying such provocative and offensive acts ignoring the sensitivity of Muslim .
9It said that freedom of expression comes with responsibilities , and such irresponsible act shows low integrity of the artists and the publications , and will ultimately attract rage and dissatisfaction from Muslims .
10In an earlier statement , Malaysian foreign minister Anifah Aman also said that Malaysia strongly denounced the reprinting of the caricature and urged the Swedish authorities to take certain actions to prevent the repeat of such irresponsible acts in the future .