Brazil's Lula talks about meeting with Paraguay president.


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1Brazil 's Lula talks about meeting with Paraguay president .
2Brazil 's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Monday that the country 's relations with Paraguay are going through a `` exceptional moment '' and urged the neighbor to become economically strong .
3In his weekly radio show Breakfast with the President , Lula disclosed issues to be discussed with in his meeting with his Paraguayan counterpart Fernando Lugo .
4The meeting is scheduled to be held later on Monday in Ponta Pora , a Brazilian city bordering Paraguay .
5`` Brazil is experiencing an exceptional moment in its relationship with Paraguay .
6We will discuss many issues and maybe sign new agreements .
7Everyone knows I want Paraguay and President Lugo to be successful , '' he said .
8The Brazilian leader also stressed that there will be progress in negotiations on the compensation that Paraguay receives from the sale of part of the energy produced by the binational Itaipu power plant .
9`` One of the things we are discussing today is the construction of a transmission line for Paraguay to use more energy from Itaipu , an investment that will cost about 400 million dollars to ensure the end of blackouts in the capital Asuncion and in other Paraguayan cities , '' he said .
10Itaipu is a binational undertaking run by Brazil and Paraguay and located at the Parana River , in the border region of the two countries .
11The installed generation capacity of the hydroelectric power plant is 14 gw .
12The leaders will also discuss measures to curb violence in the border region .
13Moreover , in the meeting Lugo will ask the Brazilian government to reconsider the asylum granted to three Paraguayan citizens who could be members of the rebel group Paraguayan People 's Army -LRB- EPP -RRB- .