Mexico hails Obama's action against Arizona immigration law.


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1Mexico hails Obama 's action against Arizona immigration law .
2Mexico on Tuesday hailed U.S. President Barack Obama 's decision to sue the state of Arizona over a controversial immigration law to block its enforcement .
3`` This decision of the U.S. Executive Power is added to the actions presented against the SB1070 Law -LRB- Arizona Law -RRB- , including the lawsuit presented by a group of civil organizations , '' the Foreign Ministry said in a statement .
4The Arizona law , which criminalizes undocumented immigrants , will be enforced on July 29 , unless a U.S. court impedes it .
5Obama has voiced opposition to the law .
6The Mexican government has provided support for lawsuits filed by U.S. civil organizations against the law .
7The Mexican Foreign Ministry on Tuesday reaffirmed the sovereign right of all countries to adopt measures and public policies in their territories .
8However , `` when a measure like the SB1070 affects the civilians and human rights of thousands of Mexicans , the Mexican government has the obligation to protect the rights and dignity of its citizens , '' it said .
9The Mexican Foreign Ministry said it would continue monitoring the process and remain committed to protecting the human rights of Mexican citizens living outside the country .
10U.S. organizations estimate that some 6 million undocumented Mexican live in the United States .