Colombia discontented with Brazil's posture on Venezuela row.


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1Colombia discontented with Brazil 's posture on Venezuela row .
2Colombia said Thursday it is discontented with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva 's latest comments that the Colombia-Venezuela tension was caused by `` personal issues . ''
3The Colombian government said in a statement the Brazilian leader does not know `` about the threat that the presence of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -LRB- FARC -RRB- represents to Colombia and the continent . ''
4It said Colombia has been trying to forge `` best ties '' with Lula , however he `` does not know about Colombia 's efforts to seek solutions though dialogue . ''
5The statement also reaffirmed Colombia 's opposition to a different solution to the issue of armed rebel groups .
6Lula said Wednesday that the simmering Colombia-Venezuela feud was not a `` conflict '' beyond the `` verbal '' level and the best way to solve it is to wait till Aug. 7 , when a new government takes charge in Bogota .
7Venezuela broke off diplomatic ties with Colombia on July 22 , after Bogota accused Caracas of hosting Colombian guerilla chiefs on its soil .