DPRK urges Japan to make apology, reparations for crimes.


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1DPRK urges Japan to make apology , reparations for crimes .
2The Democratic People 's Republic of Korea -LRB- DPRK -RRB- urged Japan to make a sincere apology and make reparations for its aggression and crimes against humanity , the official news agency KCNA reported on Sunday .
3Japan has refused to admit its war crimes , and worse still , it is plotting to stage a re-invasion of Korea , as evidenced by its attempts to grab Tok Islets and its efforts to `` beautify its history of aggression , '' said a spokesman for the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea in a statement on Sunday .
4According to the KCNA , the illegal `` Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty , '' signed on Aug. 22 , 1910 , and cooked up by the Japanese imperialists , was a `` completely illegal and invalid document . ''
5The DPRK would `` never pardon '' Japan 's moves for a `` re-invasion of Korea and confrontation with the DPRK , '' the statement said .
6The DPRK would fight to the last to force Japan to make an apology and reparations for its war crimes , said the statement .
7The statement urged `` the Japanese reactionaries '' to `` stop their rash actions , '' warning that their re-invasion and anti-DPRK moves `` going against the trend of the times will only bring them self - destruction . ''
8The Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty signed by the Japanese administration of Ito Hirobumi put Korea under its colonial rule until 1945 , when Japan surrendered to the Allies in World War II .