Greek PM sends message of admiration to China for National Day.


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1Greek PM sends message of admiration to China for National Day .
2Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou on Thursday sent his best wishes and a message of admiration to China on the 61st birthday of the People 's Republic of China which falls on Oct. 1 .
3`` I would like to send a message of admiration first of all for all that modern China has been able to do and the major changes the Chinese people have been able to create , by making China a stronger and wealthier country , and opening up a new role for China in the world , a constructive role for world peace , '' Papandreou said in an interview with Xinhua in the Greek capital .
4The admiration now has its practical impact on the very strong relationship between Greece and China , `` on which the two ancient cultures are working together '' , added the prime minister .
5`` I wish the best for the Chinese people and thank them for all they are doing , and I do welcome them to visit our ancient country , '' he said .