Foreign runners impressed by Beijing Marathon 2010.


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1Foreign runners impressed by Beijing Marathon 2010 .
2Despite the cold and rainy weather , some foreign runners were deeply impressed by the 2010 Beijing Marathon race here on Sunday .
3Georges Laplanche of France , 50 , spoke highly of the Beijing Marathon .
4`` I am very much impressed by the Beijing Marathon , '' he said .
5`` The organization was professional and considerate .
6It was very easy for foreigners to register and take part in .
7The route was well designed and well protected . ''
8`` The departure on the Tian ` anmen square was spectacular and the arrival in the Olympic park was absolutely beautiful and pleasant .
9Running through the Bird Nest and Water Cube made me feel like a professional athlete , '' said Laplanche , president of the Connect Division at Technicolor Co. and also an amateur marathon runner .
10`` I felt very good and touched when I saw the crowd along the street cheering up for us . ''
11`` I have participated in many marathon race worldwide , and the Beijing Marathon impressed me most . ''
12He added .
13According to Laplanche , another 57 people from his company took part in the race .
14Salim Kipsang , a Kenyan runner , also said he like the route very much .
15`` The route was very good , but I did n't perform my best due to the bad weather . ''