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Jerre D. Noe Professor of CSE
Adjunct Professor of EE
, HCDE, and ISchool

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<myfirstname> @ cse.washington.edu

+1.206.685.9432 — +1.206.543.2969 fax
Office: Paul G. Allen Center 572

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Department of Computer Science & Engineering
[express mail add: Paul G. Allen Center 101 or 185 Stevens Way]
University of Washington
Box 352350
Seattle, WA 98195-2350
[ USA ]

Julie Svendsen (Manager of Program Operations)

+1.206.616.7597 — +1.206.543.2969 fax

Office: Paul G. Allen Center 532



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Most recent class: CSE351 – The Hardware/Software Interface (past classes)

Research seminars:  CSE590F – Computing and the Developing World (ICTD)
My textbook (with R. Katz of UCB), Contemporary Logic Design – 2ed. (see its resource page)
Videos of our CompE classes (RFID apps – Sp’04, Multi-player games – Wi’07, complete list)



Interests, publications, and my current and past students
Open Data Kit: Mobile Data Collection

Change: Information and Computing Technology for the Developing World



Program co-chair of DEV12, General chair of HotMobile12, Program Committee of Mobisys12
Program committee of DEV10, ICTD10, NSDR11, Mobisys11, HotMobile11

Embedded, Everywhere: A Research Agenda for Networked Systems of Embedded Computers



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