CSE 599 N1 - Special Topics in Wireless and Mobile Systems


Shyam Gollakota


Time and Location:

Winter 2013

CSE 403, Monday and Friday, 12 to 1:20PM

Course Description:

Provides an introduction to modern wireless systems and several major areas of hot wireless research topics. This course is divided into three parts: The first part covers the basics of wireless protocols and networks, the second part covers various wireless applications, and the last part of the course covers advances at the wireless physical layer.

Lectures will discuss the conceptual underpinnings and key details of material from the assigned reading. Students must read the assigned readings before each lecture and come prepared with comments and questions. We value class participation.

The project component of this course will require hands-on experience with wireless research. The students will use software radios and off-the-shelf wireless cards to design and implement new technologies and applications. The students are encouraged to work in teams of two and come up with projects that incorporate wireless into their primary research area. The students are strongly encouraged to aim high - the ideal projects should be publishable in top ACM/USENIX/IEEE conferences in the area, such as SIGCOMM, MOBICOM, Usenix Security, Oakland Security, and NSDI. The main goal, however, is to try something innovative; a failure to obtain good research results is quite acceptable, but a failure to try isn't!

Course Material:

Basics of Wireless Protocols

Wireless Applications

Wireless Physical-Layer Technologies


Knowledge of elementary probability and simple statistics will be helpful.


There will be multiple research papers to be read for each day of class. This course will be based on those readings, two labs, and a term project.

Class discussions should be informal and enjoyable. Everybody should feel comfortable commenting and offering their insight. The participation component of grading in this course will be based on active participation in discussion throughout the course.

Grading will roughly correspond to 80% project, 10% labs and 10% class participation.


January 7 Overview I

No Reading Assigned


Gollakota. S and Katabi. D, ZigZag Decoding: Combating Hidden Terminals in Wireless Networks.

January 11 Medium Access Protocols

Jain., S and Mahajan., R., Wireless LAN MAC Protocols, 2000

Bharghavan., V and Demers., A and Shenker., S and Zhang., L, MACAW: A Media Access Protocol for Wireless LAN's, SIGCOMM'94.

Lab 1 Assigned:

January 14 Medium Access Protocols (cntd)
January 18 Wireless Routing I

Couto., Douglas and Aguayo., D and Bicket., J and Morris., R, A High-Throughput Path Metric for Multi-Hop Wireless Routing., Mobicom, 2003

Biswas. S and Morris., R, EXOR: Opportunistic Multi-Hop Routing for Wireless Networks, SIGCOMM, 2005

Scribe notes

January 25 Wireless Network Coding

Chachulski. S and Jennings. J and Katti. S and Katabi., D, Trading Structure for Randomness in Wireless Opportunistic Routing, SIGCOMM, 2007

Katti., S and Rahul., H and Hu., W and Katabi., D and Medard., M and Crowcoft., J, XOR in the Air: Practical Wireless Network Coding, SIGCOMM, 2006

Lab 2 Assigned:

Project Partners Due

Scribe notes

January 28 60 GHz and Data Centers

Guest Lecturer: Dan Halperin

Halperin., D and Kandula., S and Padhye., J and Bahl. P and Wetherall., D, Augmenting Data Center Networks with Multi-Gigabit Wireless Links, SIGCOMM, 2011

February 1 No Class
February 4 Wireless Physical Layer

Scribe notes

February 8 Wireless Physical Layer 2

Scribe notes

February 11 Wireless Physical Layer 3 - MIMO
February 15 Wireless Security

Gollakota., S, Hassanieh., H, Ransford. B, Katabi,. D, and Fu. K, They Can Hear Your Heartbeats, SIGCOMM, 2011

February 22 Wireless Localization

Xiong Jie and Jamieson, K., ArrayTrack: A Fine-Grained Indoor Location System, UCL Research Notes, 2011

February 25 Compressive Sensing & RFID Systems

Wang, J and Hassanieh, H and Katabi, D and Indyk P, Efficient and Reliable Low-Power Backscatter Networks, SIGCOMM, 2012

March 4 Gadgeteers

Visiting Speakers from MSR,

March 8 802.11n+

K. Lin, S. Gollakota, and D. Katabi,