I am a fourth-year PhD student in the CSE department at University of Washington, working with Prof. Yejin Choi. I am interested in NLP and machine learning and have been working on projects that fall in the intersection of NLP and computational social science. Before graduate school, I was an undergraduate student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My CV can be downloaded from here.

Email address:    hrashkin at cs dot washington dot edu

Current Projects:

Multilingual Connotation

Multilingual analysis of connotation over twitter.

Project Page ACL 2017 Short Paper

Power & Agency in Movies

Incorporating power and agency to connotation frame lexicon with analysis of gender bias in movies

Project Page EMNLP 2017 short paper

Connotation Frames

Investigating predicate-specific lexicons for connotative relationships implied by word choice.

Project Page ACL 2016 paper

Cartoon courtesy of Mark Anderson


Linguistic analysis of subtle persuasive techniques to detect truth-bending

Project Page EMNLP 2017 short paper

Document-level Sentiment Inference with Social, Faction, and Discourse Context

Incorporating social theories to perform entity-entity sentiment inference at a document level.

Demo Page ACL 2016 Paper