Oaxaca, MX

Esther Jang

I'm a 2nd year PhD student in Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD) at the Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at UW in Seattle, WA.

I spend most of my time doing projects around a few central that sometimes become .

Repair tools for Community Cellular | UW | 2017-present

Designed SMS-based software and hardware sensor utilities to facilitate local repair of rural basestations by non-expert community members. Preliminary studies performed in the Philippines in 2017, publication pending. Advised by Dr. Kurtis Heimerl.

Puffin, a hackable sip-puff joystick mouse | MIT | 2015-2016

Co-designed and prototyped a portable, low-cost sip-puff joystick mouse for people without use of their hands. Project began at the MIT assistive technology hackathon ATHack. Advised by Adriana Mallozzi.

MEng: Cognitive routing for sensor networks | MIT | 2015-2016

Designed and analyzed a delay-minimal cognitive routing algorithm with traffic measurement for metropolitan area sensor networks. Advised by Dr. Vincent Chan.

Algorithms for miniature robot swarming | UMD | 2013

Fabricated and programmed miniature robots to exhibit distance-based swarming with RSSI as distance metric. Advised by Dr. Derek Paley and Dr. Sarah Bergbreiter.

Investigation of genes in brain aging | MIT | 2012-2013

Built computational models of brain aging with microarray gene expression levels. Advised by Dr. Christin Glorioso and Dr. Leonard Guarente.

Low-cost Internet access in rural Tanzania | MIT | 2011-2012

Designed and deployed a system for improving broadband access at Orkeeswa Secondary School. System has been implemented at multiple schools. Advised by Dr. Vincent Chan.

co-produced . sustainable . decentralized . diy . open source . learnable . repairable . community-owned . enjoyable . feminist . social . infrastructure .

Jang, E., Johnson, M., Burnell, E., and Heimerl, K. (2017). Unplanned Obsolescence: Software and Hardware After Collapse. Proceedings of the 2017 Workshop on Computing Within Limits - LIMITS 17. doi:10.1145/3080556.3080566 [link.]

Crowdsourcing Rural Network Maintenance and Repair via Network Messaging. CHI 2018. Publication pending.

I try to avoid too much coursework to make room for .

Human-Computer Interaction . Collaborations in Feminism and Technology . Information and Communication Technologies for Development . Heterogeneous Networks . Discrete Stochastic Processes . Inference and Information . Natural Language Processing . Machine Learning . Cellular Biophysics and Neurophysiology .

I live in a communal house named Hestia where we keep the fires warm and the people cozy. I occasionally go tango dancing on weeknights. I love singing jazz and a cappella. At MIT I was a member of the undergraduate a cappella group the MIT-Wellesley Toons and the alum group Out of Toons. At UW I am a member of the "CSE band" at the Paul Allen School. On public transport I study Filipino and occasionally Swahili.