exploring enron

visual data mining of e-mail

jeffrey heer
uc berkeley enron e-mail analysis

Using the Enron e-mail archive as a motivating dataset, we are attempting the marriage of visual and algorithmic analyses of e-mail archives within an exploratory data analysis environment. The intent is to leverage the characteristic strengths of both man and machine for unearthing insight. Below are a few sketches from a preliminary exploration into the design space of such tools.

Note: this project is no longer active.
For more recent projects on visual analysis and human-computer interaction, see my website.

corpus viewer v2::grey

corpus viewer v1::white


06.02.05 "exploring enron" was presented at the E-Mail Visualization Workshop at the University of Maryland, hosted by Ben Shneiderman, Adam Perer, and Douglas Oard.
06.07.05 version 1 of the enron corpus viewer was posted on the über-blog boingboing.net
06.13.05 exploring enron passed through the metafilter.
06.16.05 exploring enron was featured in Der Spiegel.