Joseph Jaeger

I am a postdoctoral scholar interested in cryptography and computer security. Primarily, I aim to use cryptography to find practical solutions to real-world security problems (though I can occasionally be found attempting to resolve questions of more theoretical interest). I work with Stefano Tessaro.

Before coming to the Allen School, I obtained my PhD in Computer Science at the University of California, San Diego under the guidance of Mihir Bellare. I earned a bachelor's in Computer Science and Mathematics at Rutgers University where David Cash introduced me to the fascinating worlds of cryptography and academic research.

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Tight Time-Memory Trade-offs for Symmetric Encryption

Joseph Jaeger, Stefano Tessaro
Eurocrypt 2019

Optimal Channel Security Against Fine-Grained State Compromise: The Safety of Messaging

Joseph Jaeger, Igors Stepanovs
Crypto 2018

Better Than Advertised: Improved Security Guarantees for MD-Based Hash Functions

Mihir Bellare, Joseph Jaeger, Julia Len
CCS 2017

Ratcheted Encryption and Key Exchange: The Security of Messaging

Mihir Bellare, Asha Camper Singh, Joseph Jaeger, Maya Nyayapati, Igors Stepanovs
Crypto 2017

Honey Encryption Beyond Message Recovery Security

Joseph Jaeger, Thomas Ristenpart, Qiang Tang
Eurocrypt 2016

Mass-surveillance without the State: Strongly Undetectable Algorithm-Substitution Attacks

Mihir Bellare, Joseph Jaeger, Daniel Kane
CCS 2015

Dynamic Searchable Encryption in Very-Large Databases: Data Structures and Implementation

David Cash, Joseph Jaeger, Stanislaw Jarecki, Charanjit Jutla, Hugo Krawczyk, Marcel-Cătălin Roşu, Michael Steiner
NDSS 2014


I like to juggle.