Moe Kayali


Illustration by Moriz Jung An outline of the talks I’ve given, including recordings and slides when available.


Title Venue Location Date
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Title Venue Location Date
Quasi-stable Coloring for Graph Compression VLDB 2023 Vancouver, Canada August 2023
Analyzing Large Graphs with QuasiStableColors.jl (recording) JuliaCon 2023, hosted by MIT Boston, MA Jul 2023
Unifying Data Discovery under Foundation Models DAST Retreat 2023, University of Zurich Locarno, Switzerland April 2023
Mining Robust Default Configurations for Resource-constrained AutoML KDD 2022 Washington, D.C. Aug 15, 2022
Graph Compression NWDS 2022 Seattle, WA May 19, 2022
Demonstration of Inferring Causality from Relational Databases with CaRL VLDB 2020 Tokyo, Japan Sep 2, 2020
Title NWDS 2020 Seattle, WA