Martin Kellogg

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Graduate Student
PLSE Group
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington



I'm a graduate student at the UW, working with the fantastic Mike Ernst toward a PhD. My research interests center around automating parts of the development process; I think that my friends in The Real World should get to spend their time at work on interesting problems, just like I do! To that end, I like to work on problems where we automate some boring, time-consuming, or otherwise not-the-best-thing ever part of a developer's life. That way, we can all spend our time working on the tough problems the machines can't solve! (yet?)

I graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Virginia in 2016, where I had the privelege of working with the excellent Wes Weimer. While there, I worked with Wes and others on a system for detecting program defects and incomplete test suites. I served as a Teaching Assistant for Aaron Bloomfield in his program and data representation class and for Mark Sherriff in both his introductory programming class and his game design class. I think that teaching is a fundamental part of any researcher's job, and that it's just as important to pass on knowledge as to create it.

My office is technically CSE 410, but I spend most of my time in the PLSE lab (CSE 407). I can also be reached at


Lightweight Verification of Array Indexing. Martin Kellogg, Vlastimil Dort, Suzanne Millstein, Michael D. Ernst. ISSTA 2018. Slides: pdf, pptx. Experiments: artifacts and instructions, docker image.

Combining Bug Detection and Test Case Generation. Martin Kellogg, FSE '16 Student Research Competition Paper

Combining Bug Detection and Test Case Generation. Martin Kellogg, Benjamin Floyd, Stephanie Forrest, Westley Weimer. Technical Report, September 2016