my video talks:

> UW Reality Lab announcement
> Podcast in Deep Learning Summit
> TEDx talk
> Deep Learning Summit, Montreal
> LDV keynote: how I combine academia with startups
> CNN video
> TV interview
> Virtual Reality Class Summary
> I am CSE
> Israel Inst. Advanced Studies
> ImageXD
> TV episode on Age Progression

current service:

+ CVPR 2018 Area Chair
+ SIGGRAPH 2018 Area Chair

Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman

Assistant Professor, Allen School of Computer Science, University of Washington
Research Scientist, Facebook
Co-Director, Graphics and Imaging Lab GRAIL
Director of Research and Education, UW Reality Lab

Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality. Specifically focused on modeling people from unconstrained photos, videos, audio and language.
CV | twitter | ira@medium

Projects Videos:

  • Innovation of the Year Award, 2016
  • NSF and Intel funds our project: The 3D Memex for Virtual Teleportation
  • Best paper award runner-up at FDG 2015 for the Meme Quiz paper
  • Google Faculty Award.
  • ACM's video interview on Moving Portraits, and selected it to the cover Sep'14 issue.
Commercial Products:

Paul G. Allen Computer Science (office: CSE 650)
University of Washington
Box 352350, Seattle, WA, 98195
webpage | (206) 616-0621 | | @kemelmi
Admin: Jennifer Snow 206-685-1964, CSE 456