upcoming talks:

> CVPR ACs Workshop, Toronto
> Tel-Aviv University, Israel
> UC Berkeley
> International Workshop on Computer Vision, Italy
> Distinguished Colloq., MPI Tubingen
> TUM IAS Workshop on Machine Learning for 3D Understanding, Munich
> Xconomy Napa Summit
> Distinguished colloquium, College of William Mary

my video talks:

> UW Reality Lab announcement
> Podcast in Deep Learning Summit
> TEDx talk
> Deep Learning Summit, Montreal
> LDV keynote: how I combine academia with startups
> CNN video
> TV interview
> Virtual Reality Class Summary
> I am CSE
> Israel Inst. Advanced Studies
> ImageXD
> TV episode on Age Progression

Assistant Professor, Allen School of Computer Science, University of Washington
Research Scientist, Facebook
Co-Director, GRAIL
Co-Founder and Co-Director, UW Reality Lab

Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality. A major part of my work is to invent virtual experiences to empower people, and develop algoroithms for modeling people from unconstrained photos, videos, audio and language.
CV | twitter | ira@medium

Projects Videos:

  • Innovation of the Year Award, 2016
  • NSF and Intel funds our project: The 3D Memex for Virtual Teleportation
  • Best paper award runner-up at FDG 2015 for the Meme Quiz paper
  • Google Faculty Award.
  • ACM's video interview on Moving Portraits, and selected it to the cover Sep'14 issue.
  • 2018, Expert Network, LDV capital
  • 2016, Founder and CEO, dreambit.xyz. Dreambit was acquired by Facebook.
  • 2011, Face Movies. Tech transfered to Google.
Academic service:
  • CVPR 2019, 2018, 2016 Area Chair
  • SIGGRAPH 2018, 2017 Technical Papers Committee
  • CVPR 2016, Program Coordination Chair

Paul G. Allen Computer Science (office: CSE 650)
University of Washington
Box 352350, Seattle, WA, 98195
webpage | (206) 616-0621 | kemelmi@uw.edu | @kemelmi
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