Kathleen Tuite
Grad Student
University of Washington

ktuite at cs washington edu
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I am a PhD student in the Computer Science program. My advisors are Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman and Zoran Popović. I am in the Graphics/Vision group GRAIL and the Center for Game Science. I started my grad student career by helping flesh out the Foldit intro levels and making the Welcome to Foldit! YouTube video. After working on Foldit, I developed PhotoCity, a game for reconstructing the entire world in 3D from photographs. I am currently working on a new combination of computer vision and deep crowdsourcing in order to tackle facial expression recognition.


The Meme Quiz: A Facial Expression Game Combining Human Agency and Machine Involvement Kathleen Tuite and Ira Kemelmacher (Foundations of Digital Games 2015)
Nominated for Best Paper: Serious Games track
[pdf] [video]
PointCraft: Harnessing Players’ FPS Skills to Interactively Trace Point Clouds in 3D Kathleen Tuite, Rahul Banerjee, Noah Snavely, Jovan Popović, Zoran Popović (Foundations of Digital Games 2015)
Won Best Paper: Serious Games track
[pdf] [video]
GWAPs: Games with a Problem Kathleen Tuite (Foundations of Digital Games 2014)
Emergent Remix Culture in an Anonymous Collaborative Art System Kathleen Tuite and Adam Smith (Workshop on Human Computation in Digital Entertainment, AIIDE 2012)
[pdf] [app on Google Play] [website]
Picard: A Creative and Social Online Flashcard Learning Game Kathleen Tuite, Timothy Pavlik, Sandra B. Fan, Tyler Robison, Alexander Jaffe, Yun-En Liu, Erik Andersen, and Steven Tanimoto (Research and Experimental Game Festival, FDG 2012)
[pdf] [Picard on Facebook]
PhotoCity: training experts at large-scale image acquisition through a competitive game Kathleen Tuite, Nadine Tabing, Dun-Yu Hsiao, Noah Snavely and Zoran Popović. (CHI 2011)
[pdf] [project]

Videos CHI Madness, Red Square
Reconstructing the World in 3D: Bringing Games with a Purpose Outdoors Kathleen Tuite, Noah Snavely, Dun-Yu Hsiao, Adam Smith and Zoran Popović. (Foundations of Digital Games 2010)
[pdf] [project] [game]
[4-page version]

Presentation pdf, pptx
Videos video #1, video #2, even more videos on YouTube
The Challenge of Designing Scientific Discovery Games Seth Cooper, Adrien Treuille, Janos Barbero, Andrew Leaver-Fay, Kathleen Tuite, Firas Khatib, Alex Cho Snyder, Michael Beenen, David Salesin, David Baker, Zoran Popović, and Foldit players. (Foundations of Digital Games 2010)
[pdf] [project] [game]
Investigation of Two Bodies With Equal Point X-Rays at Two Sources Dusty Ross, Kathleen Tuite. (Oregon State 2006 Summer Math REU)


I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2007 with some nifty CS and Math degrees.

I made several games in undergrad, mostly related to the first game Ben Samuel and I made in our CE 12 class, intro to computer architecture and assembly programming. Epic themes: Alligators and rocketpacks.


I like making stuff and taking pictures. Sometimes I write about my projects on my blog. Most of this stuff is also linked from my personal website, superfiretruck.com.

Impressionist Fingerpaint Android app for interactively painting various impressionist brush styles on existing photographs
A Corgi's Dream made at a 1-day game jam with randomly selected themes of "sleep", "trajectories", and "doggies"
Nighthike game made at TIGJam
Sketch-a-bit, a collaborative, evolutionary drawing app that you can find on the Android Market
December 2010 Draw-a-day
Iteration, a generative art iPhone app
Hiking and backpacking
Screenprinted dinosaurs
Screenprinted pirate penguins
Robot halloween costume
Facebook's first poking app ever (v1.0, v2.0) when apps were not obnoxious


I pronounce my last name "toot". It's kind of spelled/pronounced in the same funky way as the world "juice".