read the readme. it's around here somewhere:

CS164 project 1: alligator game


ben samuel (
kathleen tuite ( is the thing to run. uses pygame, ode, numpy, that solver thing, and some of adam's game code..

alligators roam freely but are wearing rocket packs. your goal is to get the hero (as seen in The Big Race) to the boat or the dock by indirectly controlling the current via the alligators' rocket packs. each alligator has a number, push that number key to activate that rocket pack. the rocket will propel the beast in the direction it's heading and muss up the vector field in the opposite direction. it won't 'control' the alligator other than make it meander a little bit less by increasing its speed.

you can win by dying excessively, too.

music by queen. why does our game have queen? it seemed like a good idea... at 6:30 in the morning.

note the copious amounts of blood!

things specifically from pygame that we had fun learnin' about:
sprites, surfaces, drawing text to the screen, timer stuff, sound

things specifically from ode:
uhh, same old, same old. keyboard events, world, body, moving bodies around

things from adam's thing:
the general concepts of init_things() and tick_things() and, mostly adjusted to mesh with our understanding of pygame

things from the solver:
vel_step and the ability to add "forces"... but not the density stuff.

and now, a screenshot: