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Improving Access to Graphical Images for the Blind

Project Overview

The Tactile Graphics Project aims to increase universal benefit from graphical images (i.e., line graphs, bar charts, illustrations, etc.). It is a multidisciplinary project with researchers and practitioners from UW's Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Information School, and DO-IT. Our goal is to enable K-12, college, undergrad, and graduates students who are blind to have full access to mathematics, engineering, and science. We conduct empirical studies on tactile graphics and develop methodologies and tools to support transcribers in producing effective tactile graphics for people who are blind.

Research includes:

  • Developing machine learning algorithms that can easily classify images for processing
  • Developing resolution and color reduction algorithms whose target is a low resolution, limited color tactile graphic
  • Developing image segmentation algorithms that can extract textual labels in graphical images
  • Developing a tool (the Tactile Graphics Assistant) to facilitate automated tactilization of graphical images
  • Conducting empirical studies of transcribers' graphics transcription processes
  • Conducting empirical studies of tactual perception
  • Developing resources to assist in transcriber training

Research Funding & Support

National Science Foundation Grant (IIS-0415273) | National Science Foundation Grant (IIS-0335143) | University of Washington Royalty Research Fund | Adobe Systems Incorporated | UW Information School | Washington Research Foundation

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