Intel Corporation Continues Major Support

for University of Washington Programs

August 1997

Intel Corporation continues its program of major support for the University of Washington.

Most recently, in August 1997, Intel announced that UW will receive $5.9 million in advanced workstation equipment, one of a dozen awards nationally in Intel's "Technology for Education 2000" program. The UW award is to a campus-wide consortium headed by Professors George Lake from the Department of Astronomy, Ed Lazowska from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, and Greg Zick from the Department of Electrical Engineering. Projects focus on three themes: high performance scientific and engineering applications; digital media; and support for the "educational enterprise." Roughly $1.5 million of the award will go to UW CSE projects in computer graphics, digital media (including telecollaboration and learning-on-demand), and educational enterprise support, much of this work joint with the Office of Computing & Communications.

This most recent award builds upon strong Intel support for the University of Washington's Departments of Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Most recently this support has come in connection with the EE/CSE Building project. In response to a joint proposal coordinated by CSE professors Brian Bershad and Ed Lazowska and EE professors Mani Soma and Greg Zick, Intel has provided, in 1996 and 1997, advanced workstation equipment valued at more than $2,000,000, to be shared by Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering for research and educational initiatives. (Article from UW Daily, 10/22/96, concerning the initial phase of this award; followup letter, 10/29/96.)

Intel also supports a number of specific research initiatives in UW Computer Science & Engineering, including work by faculty members Jean-Loup Baer, Brian Bershad, Ed Lazowska, Hank Levy, David Salesin, and John Zahorjan.

Intel and the University of Washington have enjoyed a long, mutually supportive relationship. The University of Washington has been, in some recent years, the nation's #1 supplier of technical employees to Intel.