Ph.D. Graduates

Henry M. Levy, Capability Based Computer Systems (OK, it was only a Masters degree, 1981). (Digital Equipment Corp. -> University of Washington)

Richard L. Garner, Analysis of Queueing Networks Using Decomposition (1982). (Cedar River Software)

Patricia A. Jacobson, Approximate Solution Techniques for Queueing Networks with Simultaneous Resource Possession (1984).

Stephen C. Vestal, Garbage Collection: An Exercise in Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Programming (1987). (Honeywell Research)

John K. Bennett, Distributed Smalltalk: Inheritance and Reactiveness in Distributed Systems (1988). (Rice University -> University of Colorado)

Haim E. Mizrahi, Extending the Memory Hierarchy into Multiprocessor Interconnection Networks (1988). (Co-supervised with Jean-Loup Baer.) (Raphael (Israel))

David B. Wagner, Conservative Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation: Principles and Practice (1989). (University of Colorado -> Principia Consulting -> Google)

Brian N. Bershad, High Performance Cross-Address Space Communication (1990). (Co-supervised with Henry M. Levy.) (Carnegie Mellon University -> University of Washington) (NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award, ONR Young Investigator Award, and Presidential Faculty Fellow Award recipient)

Yi-Bing Lin, Understanding the Limits of Optimistic and Conservative Parallel Simulation (1990). (Bell Communications Research -> National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan))

Mark S. Squillante, Issues in Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Scheduling: A Performance Evaluation (1990). (IBM Research)

Sung K. Chung, Remote Procedure Call Design for Flexibility and Performance in Heterogeneous Environments (1990). (Co-supervised with David Notkin.) (IBM Research (postdoc))

Thomas E. Anderson, Operating System Support for High Performance Multiprocessing (1991). (Co-supervised with Henry M. Levy.) (University of California, Berkeley -> University of Washington) (NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award, Sloan Fellowship, and Presidential Faculty Fellow Award recipient)

B. Clifford Neuman, The Virtual System Model: A Scalable Approach to Organizing Large Systems (1992). (USC Information Sciences Institute)

Edward W. Felten, Protocol Compilation: High Performance Communication for Parallel Programs (1993). (Co-supervised with John Zahorjan.) (Princeton University) (NSF Young Investigator Award and Sloan Research Fellowship recipient)

Chandramohan A. Thekkath, System Support for Efficient Network Communication (1994). (Co-supervised with Henry M. Levy.) (DEC Systems Research Center -> Microsoft Research)

Robert Bedichek, The Meerkat Multicomputer: Tradeoffs in Multicomputer Architecture (1994). (Co-supervised with Henry M. Levy.) (MIT (postdoc) -> Transmeta Corp. -> AMD)

Michael Rabinovich, Efficient Replication Management in Distributed Systems (1994). (AT&T Research -> Case Western Reserve Univ.)

Jeffrey S. Chase, Operating System Structure for 64-Bit Architectures (1995). (Co-supervised with Henry M. Levy.) (Duke University)

Dylan J. McNamee, Virtual Memory Alternatives for Transaction Buffer Management in a Single-Level Store (1996). (Co-supervised with Henry M. Levy.) (Oregon Graduate Institute -> eXaNetworks)

Brian Pinkerton, WebCrawler: Finding What People Want (2000). (Co-supervised with John Zahorjan.) (Consultant)

Tapan Parikh, Designing an Architecture for Delivering Mobile Information Services to the Rural Developing World (2007). (Co-supervised with David Notkin.) (UC Berkeley)

Sujay Parekh, Feedback Control Techniques for Performance Management of Computing Systems (2010). (IBM Research)

Keith Grochow, The Design of COVE: a Collaborative Ocean Visualization Environment (2011).