Leijie Wang (王雷捷)
Second-year PhD Student, University of Washington

I am a second-year CSE Ph.D. student at University of Washington. I’m advised by Amy X. Zhang and part of the Social Futures Lab. My research interests are at the insersection of social computing and FAccT (Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency). I am passionate about building content moderation systems that respect peoples’ values. These days, I am particularly interested to empower people to customize algorithms used in every aspect of their online lives through end-user programming methods.

In summar 2023, I interned with the AI & Society group at Microsoft Research, where I worked with Scott Counts to understand the challenges knowledge workers face when interacting with generative conversational agents. Before coming to UW, I worked as a research assistant at Social AI Group at Carnegie Mellon University, where I was co-advised by Professors Haiyi Zhu and Steven Wu. I was also fortunate to be part of CMU DIG lab and advised by Professor Adam Perer.


  • Social Computing
  • Human-Centered Machine Learning
  • Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency


University of Washington, Seattle
Sept 2022 - present
PhD in Computer Science & Engineering,
supervisor: Amy X. Zhang
Xinya College, Tsinghua University
2017 - 2022
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science
New College, Oxford University
2019 - 2020
Visiting Student, Computer and Philosophy


Pika: Empowering Non-Programmers to Author Executable Governance Policies in Online Communities, arXiv 2023
Leijie Wang , Nicolas Vincent , Julija Rukanskaitė , Amy X. Zhang
A Framework for Designing Fair Ubiquitous Computing Systems, FairComp workshop at UbiComp 2023
Han Zhang , Leijie Wang , Yilun Sheng , Xuhai Xu , Jennifer Mankoff , Anind K. Dey
Is Reporting Worth the Sacrifice of Revealing What I’ve Sent?: Privacy Considerations When Reporting on End-to-End Encrypted Platforms, SOUPS 2023
Leijie Wang , Ruotong Wang , Sterling Williams-Ceci , Sanketh Menda , Amy X. Zhang
How Are Machine Learning Based Online Content Moderation Systems Actually Used? Studying Community Size, Local Activity, and Disparity Treatment, FAccT 2022
Leijie Wang , Steven Wu , Haiyi Zhu
Leveraging Analysis History for Improved In Situ Visualization Recommendation, EuroVis 2022
Will Epperson , Doris Jung-Lin Lee , Leijie Wang , Kunal Agarwal , Aditya Parameswaran , Marti Hearst , Dominik Moritz , Adam Perer
The Model Card Authoring Toolkit: Toward Community-centered, Deliberation-driven AI Governance, FAccT 2022
Hong Shen , Leijie Wang , Wesley Hanwen Deng , Ciell , Ronald Velgersdijk , Haiyi Zhu


  • Tsinghua Presidential Scholarship, Tsinghua University
  • Finalist Award in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications
  • Yinghua Scholarship for Oxford Visiting Students, Tsinghua University
  • Jiang Nanxiang Scholarship, Tsinghua University
  • The First Prize Scholarship for 2017 Freshmen, Tsinghua University