Hello, my name is Qisheng Li (李其声). I am a 5th year PhD student at Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, advised by Katharina Reinecke. During my PhD, I’ve interned at Adobe Research (x2), Microsoft Research and Google Research.

I am broadly interested in human-computer interaction and accessibility. My current research is twofold: I develop methods for studying people with disabilities at scale. I also use the data collected and other techniques, such as machine learning, to develop systems that improve the accessibility for people with disabilities; I am particularly interested in cognitive disabilities, such as dyslexia.

📢I’m on the job market this year (2022) and I’m looking for industrial research positions. Please feel free to contact me with any opportunities!

Image of Qisheng Li

  • liqs [at] cs.washington.edu
  • Paul G. Allen Center Room 386
  • Currently WFH with my corgi puppy

Before joining UW CSE, I received my triple bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. For more details, please check out my CV.

Selected Publications

How Online Tests Contribute to the Support System for People With Cognitive and Mental Disabilities

Qisheng Li , Josephine Lee , Christina Zhang , Katharina Reinecke
Best Paper Award

Respectful Language as Perceived by People with Disabilities

Lior Levy , Qisheng Li , Ather Sharif , Katharina Reinecke

The Effect of Moderation on Online Mental Health Conversations

David Wadden , Tal August , Qisheng Li , Tim Althoff
Best Paper Award (Outstanding Study Design)

Voicemoji: Emoji entry using voice for visually impaired people

Mingrui "Ray" Zhang , Ruolin Wang , Xuhai Xu , Qisheng Li , Ather Sharif , Jacob O. Wobbrock

Controlling for Participants’ Viewing Distance in Large-Scale, Psychophysical Online Experiments using a Virtual Chinrest

Qisheng Li , Sung Jun Joo , Jason Yeatman , Katharina Reinecke
Scientific Reports, 2020

Toward Universal Spatialization Through Wikipedia-Based Semantic Enhancement

Shilad Sen , Anja Beth Swoap , Qisheng Li , Brooke Boatman , Ilse Dippenaar , Rebecca Gold , Monica Ngo , Sarah Pujol , Bret Jackson , Brent Hecht
ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS), 2019
Special Issue on Highlights of ACM IUI 2017

Latent Space Cartography: Visual Analysis of Vector Space Embeddings

The Impact of Web Browser Reader Views on Reading Speed and User Experience

Volunteer-Based Online Studies With Older Adults and People with Disabilities

Cartograph: Unlocking Thematic Cartography Through Semantic Enhancement

Shilad Sen , Anja Beth Swoap , Qisheng Li , Brooke Boatman , Ilse Dippenaar , Rebecca Gold , Monica Ngo , Sarah Pujol , Bret Jackson , Brent Hecht

Honors & Awards

University of Washington
  • : ASSETS’21 Best Paper Award
  • : ICWSM’21 Best Paper Award (Outstanding Study Design)
  • : College of Engineering Quarter Fellowship
Macalester College
  • : The Konhauser Achievement Award for Computer Science
  • : John M. Dozier Prizes for Economics
  • : 1st place in Minnesota Economic Association (MEA) Undergraduate Student Paper Contest
  • : LiveIt! Global Citizenship Fellowship

News & Travel

  • : Completed a wonderful summer internship at Microsoft Research, working on text-to-speech for dyslexia.
  • : Excited to rejoin Adobe Research as a Research Intern, working on speech and readability!
  • : Attending my first virtual conference ASSETS’20. Looking forward to seeing everyone online!
  • : I will be working as a data science research intern at Adobe Research in San Jose, CA this summer!
  • : I will present our paper about how web browser Reader Views affect people’s reading experience at CHI’19 in Glasgow, UK.
  • : I will be at CSCW’18 in Jersy City, New York from November 3 - 7.
  • : I will present our paper about large-scale online experiments with people with disabilities and elderly people (including studies with more than 350k participants) at ASSETS’18 in Galway, Ireland.