Family Sleep

When it comes to Sleep, research and industry have mainly focused on an individual. However, in families, if one family member is experiencing poor sleep quality the likelyhood is that other family members are also experiencing poor sleep. This project explores framing sleep data from a family perspective. The goal is to help parents and children make sense of their sleep habits and mood such that they can take on action to improve their sleep as a family.


Family Informatics

There are many models of personal tracking. These models focus on the process of self-tracking. I explored how health tracking takes place in the family context. This project consists on evaluating personal informatics models in the context of families. The goal is to create models and design guidelines to support family-centered tracking and lower the barriers of parents and children to track and make sense of the captured information.

PACK APP Reminder

Suppporting parents in maintaining a behavioral intervention for their children

Behavioral interventions tend to exist in binders that parents. Based on interviewing behavioral experts and parents that completed the intervention, I created a mobile application that allows parents to select which strategies they want to be reminded of and time of the day they want to be reminded of.

PACK APP Reminder PACK APP Reminder

Delivering stress coping strategies in real-time

Remembering to put into action a coping strategy during a moment of high stress is difficult. This system used Electro-Dermal Activity data to detect negative affect as a proxy for negative stress to then deliver a coping strategy.

Parent and child searching

Bilingual Family Online Search Brokering

There is rich work on how monolingual adults search for information online. This project explores how bilingual (English-Spanish) speaking families search for information online.